Brick Lane – Part I United Kingdom
11. May 2016

While the area around Brick Lane in East London was once associated with poor slums and the scene of the … Read More

Boa Mistura Lus nas vielas
21. December 2015

Boa Mistura is a multidisciplinary team with roots in graffiti art, creating large scale murals throughout the world since 2001. … Read More

Odeith Anamorphic Graffiti
9. November 2015

Born in 1976 in Damaia, Portugal, Odeith started drawing since early childhood. He began working with spray cans in the mid 1980s, … Read More

Rowan Newton Acrylic Painting and Sprayart
13. October 2015

Rowan Newton is a painter from South London. Growing up in metropolitan Brixton, surrounded by graffiti, Rowan was drawn to … Read More

1010 Graffiti Art
12. June 2015

With a fascinating sense of depth perception, German based polish street artist 1010 brings a contradicting depth to the flat … Read More

My Dog Sighs Can Art
8. May 2015

 “My Dog Sighs” from Southsea, UK, is one of the founders of Free Art Friday in Southsea which promotes the … Read More

DAIM Graffiti Art
3. May 2015

Hamburg based German graffiti artist Mirko Reisser, also known under his pseudonym DAIM, sprayed his first graffitis back in 1989 … Read More

Millo Mural Streetart
5. February 2015

 Italian artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, also known as Millo, is known for his large scale black and white murals, featuring … Read More

Truly Design Anamorphic Art
17. November 2014

Turin based Visual Communication Studio “Truly Design” was founded by a graffiti crew consisting of four friends who have been … Read More

Tilt Panic Room
11. November 2014

Self-declared “graffiti fetishist” Tilt is an internationally recognised graffiti artist who originated from Toulouse in South France. His first tags … Read More

Kurt Wenner 3D Pavement Art
6. November 2014

Kurt Wenner attended Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center College before working for NASA as an advanced scientific … Read More