H.R. Giger Bar Switzerland
13. January 2016

I guess everyone remembers Ridley Scott’s 1979 science-fiction horror film “Alien” with Sigourney Weaver, in which kreepy extraterrestrial creatures stalk … Read More

Être Avec Toi Canada
11. January 2016

All images © etreavectoi Remember when we posted about China’s art restaurant Bibo – a fusion of classic French gastronomy with … Read More

Art Restaurant China
27. October 2015

Imagine a place where modern street art meets classic French gastronomy, redefining the meaning of understated luxury. Branding and design … Read More

Dreamy Camera Café South Korea
23. October 2015

All images © Park Sung-Hwan A giant two-story café in shape of a vintage German Rolleiflex film camera is what springs up … Read More

Submarine Pub Romania
22. October 2015

Imagine a submarine ride 20,000 of leagues under the sea just to have a couple of drinks? Pretty scary, but … Read More

Kawaii Monster Café Japan
21. October 2015

Where else can you find the latest trends of Japanese youth culture and fashion than in Harajuku, Tokyo’s apparently craziest … Read More

Pantone Café Monaco
17. October 2015

All images © Pantone Cafe Back in 1963 nobody would have thought that Lawrence Herbert’s color identification system would become such … Read More

Fishmonger Nemeau Canada
15. October 2015

Facing today’s environmental and societal changes with innovative and creative design concepts, Canadian design team behind Jean de Lessard breaks … Read More