Kestin Cornwall Acrylic Paintings
7. June 2016

Kestin Cornwall is a Toronto-based artist with a passion for large-scale art reproduction. A visit to New York City many … Read More

Ben Johnson Architectural Paintings
11. January 2016

London based artist Ben Johnson was born in Llandudno, Wales in 1946 and studied at the Royal College of Art. … Read More

Kehinde Wiley Jamaica
6. November 2015

Starting art school when he was about 11, New York based artist Kehinde Wiley graduated from the Art Institute of … Read More

Jamie Homeister Feather Paintings
3. November 2015

Influenced by her Canadian heritage and spiritual background, Indiana-based folk artist Jamie Homeister meticulously paints animal portraits on feathers, usually … Read More

Kip Omolade Diovadiova
28. October 2015

New York based multi-media artist Kip Omolade paints captivating, hyperrealistic portraits based on African sculptures, as in his latest series … Read More

Marco Battaglini ARTPOPCLASSIC
6. August 2015

Without a doubt, the work of Marco Battaglini (Verona, Italy, 1969) echoes the anxiety inherent in Western society during the … Read More

Steven Spazuk Fire Paintings
23. July 2015

Over the past 14 years, French-Canadian artist Steven Spazuk has perfected a technique called fumage that allows him to use the … Read More

Amit Shimoni HIPSTORY - 4th of July
7. July 2015

Back in February we featured Amit Shimoni’s images of modern history’s great leaders fashioned up into contemporary time and culture. His portrait … Read More

Kevin Peterson Graffiti Art
12. March 2015

Artist Statement My work is about the varied journeys we take through life. It’s about growing up and living in … Read More

Chen Dao Lee Not the Heroe Type
4. March 2015

Chen Dao Lee is a realist artists, born 1982 in Taiwan. He obtained his MFA at the National Taiwan Normal University … Read More

Amit Shimoni HIPSTORY
15. February 2015

Amit Shimoni is a young designer whose passion for illustration, creative mindset and sense of humour has brought amazing artworks … Read More

Andreas Englund The Old Superhero
18. January 2015

Stockholm based artist Andreas Englund is mostly recognised for his photo realistic and humoristic oil paintings, telling the story about the everyday … Read More

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