Ben Johnson Architectural Paintings
11. January 2016

London based artist Ben Johnson was born in Llandudno, Wales in 1946 and studied at the Royal College of Art. … Read More

Kip Omolade Diovadiova
28. October 2015

New York based multi-media artist Kip Omolade paints captivating, hyperrealistic portraits based on African sculptures, as in his latest series … Read More

Alyssa Monks Hyper-Realistic Painting
12. August 2015

Alyssa Monks earned her B.A. from Boston College and she studied painting at Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence. She went … Read More

Monica Lee Photo-Realistic Graphite Drawings
1. June 2015

Malaysian artist Monica Lee creates amazingly photo-realistic images with graphite pencils. Obsessed with details, she spends around 3-4 weeks to … Read More

So Yoon Lym Dreamtime Series
17. November 2014

So Yoon Lym is an artist and high school teacher based in New Jersey, who originated from Seoul, Korea and … Read More

Victor Rodriguez Hyper-Realistic Painter
13. November 2014

New York based painter Victor Rodriguez is considered to be one of the best hyper-realist artists today, having exhibited internationally, … Read More

Andrew Newton Hyper-Realistic Painter
8. November 2014

During my search for talented artists and incredible paintings, I found Andrew Newton’s hyperrealist-series from 2007 – 2010 for which, … Read More

Franco Clun Hyper-Realistic Artwork
3. November 2014

Italian artist Franco Clun impresses with hyperrealistic portraits easily mistaken for black and white photographs. The self-taught drawing master has … Read More

Miguel Endara Portrait of 2.1 Million Dots
1. November 2014

The portrait above shows Benjaman Kyle, which is the pseudonym adopted by a man who has dissociative amnesia. He was … Read More