Klaus Enrique Arcimboldism
17. May 2016

Klaus Enrique is a Mexican-German post-contemporary sculptor and photographer who employs Arcimboldism as his means of expression. He studied genetics … Read More

Junior Luz Cara Comida
27. January 2016

Brazilian based photographer Jr Luz started photography just five years ago during his stay in the UK. Since then he … Read More

Jessica Dance Knitted Food
21. January 2016

Art Director, Model Maker and Prop Stylist Jessica Dance specializes in creating handcrafted models, props and sets. By bringing her … Read More

Chris Campbell Shoebakery
21. January 2016

Designer Chris Campbell creates amazing shoes that appear like mouthwatering cakes with chocolate, cherries, buttercream and any other delicious sweet … Read More

Hedvig A. Kushner Pantone Smoothies
27. October 2015

Working at Mother New York, Swedish born art director Hedvig Astrom Kushner uses the weekends to create healthy smoothies, blended … Read More

Juarez Rodrigues Eating for Two
22. October 2015

How do you call someone who pretends to be in a movie when listening to a sad song in the … Read More

Carl Warner Foodscapes
16. October 2015

Born in Liverpool England in 1963, Carl now lives in Kent and works from his London based studio near to … Read More