Li Hongbo Incredible Paper Sculptured: Tools of Study
4. July 2016

  Beijing-based artist Li Hongbo recreates classic pieces of ancient sculpture by manipulating sheets of paper to form a three-dimensional … Read More

Lisa Nilsson Anatomical Cross-Sections in Paper
13. May 2016

Artist Lisa Nilsson constructs pieces with tightly curled, ¼-inch-thick strips of Japanese mulberry paper and the gilded edges of old … Read More

Jessica Dance Knitted Food
21. January 2016

Art Director, Model Maker and Prop Stylist Jessica Dance specializes in creating handcrafted models, props and sets. By bringing her … Read More

Maria N. Václavková Rectangular-Shaped Shoes
4. January 2016

Prague based design student Maria Nina Václavková won the first prize at the Design Talent in 2013 for her rectangular-shaped … Read More

Alex Queral Book Carvings
1. January 2016

Cuban-American artist Alex Queral carves phone books to shape three dimensional portraits of pop-culture icons. Using a very sharp X-ACTO® knife … Read More

Vesna Vrdoljak Collages
22. November 2015

Vesna Vrdoljak is a collage artist living and working in Amsterdam. Holding a Master of Arts degree, with a major … Read More

Mark Evans Leather Etching
23. October 2015

Born in Wales, Fine Artist Mark Evans used to carve images into trees and barks since early childhood. After dedicating … Read More

Salavat Fidai Pencil Lead Sculptures
27. July 2015

Ex-Lawyer Salavat Fidai is a Russian artist based in Ufa, near the Ural Mountains. With a steady hand and an … Read More

Steven Spazuk Fire Paintings
23. July 2015

Over the past 14 years, French-Canadian artist Steven Spazuk has perfected a technique called fumage that allows him to use the … Read More

My Dog Sighs Can Art
8. May 2015

 “My Dog Sighs” from Southsea, UK, is one of the founders of Free Art Friday in Southsea which promotes the … Read More

Anna Keville Joyce Food Stylist
25. February 2015

Argentinian based Food Stylist and Illustrator Anna Keville Joyce transforms food into wonderful illustrations, taking the art of food styling … Read More

Evan Wondolowski "Made of Money" Project
22. January 2015

Artist Statement   For the love of money. – I’ve been obsessed with money for as long as I can remember. … Read More

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