Alexander Khokhlov Weird Beauty and 2D or not 2D
3. November 2015

Make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan and photographer Alexander Khokhlov fuse their expertise to create stunning optical illusions transforming women’s faces into … Read More

Tal Peleg Creative Eye Makeup
21. October 2015

While there is a great number of women out there struggling with their eye makeup, Israeli make-up artist Tal Peleg … Read More

Ausra Osipaviciute Felt-tip & Embroidery Project
5. September 2015

“Ausra Osipaviciute takes Photography beyond the shots. Her process from make up to post production challenges and renovates the Fashion … Read More

Holly Silius Special Effects Makeup
4. September 2015

With a background in Fine Art and graduating in 2006 with a degree in Special Effects Makeup from the London … Read More

Emma Hack Bodypaint Installation
19. February 2015

Emma Hack is an Adelaide-based artist working in the unique medium of body paint installation and photography. Exhibiting extensively throughout … Read More

Gabriel Wickbold Sexual Color
18. February 2015

Sao Paolo based self-taught photographer Gabriel Wickbold hit the headlines with his photo series “Sexual Color”, which explores the relationship between … Read More

Jean-Paul Bourdier Leap into the Blue
11. February 2015

Jean-Paul Bourdier studied at the Beaux Arts School in Versailles and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has been … Read More

Olaf Breuning Marilyn
22. November 2014

Olaf Breuning is a New York based swiss-born artist who creates videos, sculptures, drawings, and installations that investigate kitsch, cliché … Read More

Jonathan Icher Fat Flag
20. November 2014

Paris based photographer Jonathan Icher studied Fashion and Trend at the Parisian fashion school Duperré. He now works as a magazine … Read More

Liu Bolin The Invisible Man
19. November 2014

Beijing-based camouflage artist Liu Bolin graduated with a bachelor degree from the Art Department of Shandong Arts Institute and holds … Read More

Guido Argentini Argentum
18. November 2014

Los Angeles based photographer Guido Argentini was born in Florence and initially studied medicine before taking up his passion for … Read More

Lennette Newell Ani-Human Series
15. November 2014

Lennette Newell was born in the high plains of Kimball, Nebraska. Daughter to a large animal veterinarian, her fascination with … Read More

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