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Saint Hoax

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist, satirist and sociopolitical activist. An embedded infatuation with pop culture and politics drove Saint Hoax to embark on his PoPlitical journey. Hoax combines tangible and digital mediums to create beautiful visual lies that tell an ugly truth. Combining pop art with tyrants and world leaders became Saint Hoax’s signature. For more of his works visit / facebook / twitter / instagram.
Artist Statement
POPlitical Infatuation: History is defined as the study of past events. I heard about the victorious defeats, the malicious affairs and the all night long wars. I read about the dictators, fantasized about the monarchs and lived below the tyrants. I opened my assigned history book and I realized that page 1 is a carbon copy of page 10. While page 10 is a mere reflection of page 20. An arti-vicious cycle of no trial, just error. And the only way to remain entertained is by rewriting history through visual lies. One hoax after the other. 
Saint Hoax
Whom do you look up to?
Walt Disney.
Are there any personalities that have contributed to your successful career path? 
All my family members and friends contribute to my work by continusly inspiring me.
How did your art career start? What made you want to become an artist?
I always knew I had a passion for art. I was always adviced not to make a career out of it because it doesn’t pay the bills. Luckily, my mother believed in me and supported my choice. After I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design I realized that I can’t work a 9-5 job. No, this isn’t one of the cliché things that artists say to show how “different” they are. I physically couldn’t sit for a 9-5 job because of my ADHD. After quitting my job, I decided to do my own thing. And I did…
How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
POPlitically incorrect artist, creating beautiful visual lies that tell an ugly truth.
What was your favourite project and why?
The first project I published “War Drags You Out” is one of my all-time favorites. Portraying political / religious leaders as drag queens was the perfect way to communicate what I thought of these men (View this project).
Saint Hoax
Quotes and Wisdoms
How do you define creativity?
Limitless self expression.
If you had one advice for someone seeking to live a creative life, what would you tell him?
There’s nothing helpful that anyone ever told me regarding that matter. When it comes to art, each one has to do it his own way. There is no formula, or certain path to follow. It happens in the most beautiful, natural way.
What do you know now that you wish you knew at 21?
I know a lot more than I did at 21, but I wouldn’t want to know it then! Everything happened at the right time. I wouldn’t want to change that.
Is there anything for which you would be ready to give up your passion for art?
Super Powers! 
Saint Hoax
All images © Saint Hoax

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