Liza Lou Kitchen Bead Artwork

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Liza Lou

Born in New York City, Liza Lou began her art career at the age of twenty. Over the years she has achieved much acclaim for her meticulous large scale installations, using beads as her medium of art. She first gained attention with her full scale replica of “the kitchen” that was entirely covered in millions of hand glued glass beads from cabinet doors, tables and chairs, to any household product including cereal boxes, packets of potato chips or fresh baked pies. This epic undertaking took five years to complete (1991-1996) and was shown at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.
Her works are influenced by Pointilism, African bead craft and Pop art. In fact, her first object covered was a soup can as a tribute to the Pop art’s King Andy Warhol. In 2005, Lou founded a studio in South Africa and initiated an art project with Zulu bead workers, which continues to thrive and has grown to a collective of 25 artisans. For more information check out
Liza Lou
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