Igor Klepnev Albinism - Cream Series

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Igor KlepnevMoscow based freelance photographer Igor Klepnev broke up his studies in medicine to pursue a career in fashion photography, now working for a number of renown magazines, artists and designers. Usually inspired by hip-hop, street art, graphic design and movies, Klepnev follows a different approach for his photo series cream, documenting albinism in a beautiful and sensitive style. For more information check www.klepnev.com.

Igor Klepnev
Igor Klepnev
Igor Klepnev
All images © Igor Klepnev

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  1. PT
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    I love the way Igor Klepnev portrays albinism in this series. He portrays it as something beautiful, not like a disease or anything wrong. I myself am albino, and I am always teased for my looks. It gets rough sometimes, not looking like everyone else or not looking like what society considers “normal”. Most of the time I’m not proud of what I am, or what I look like. Sometimes I Google “albino models” , out of low self esteem. These pictures somehow managed to catch my attention. I love the way these photos look, and the feeling that they give off — soft, innocent, vunderable — yet life like, human, comtrary to the names I am given at school and in public, like “the whitest” “the true definiton of a white person” “Snow-colored f*ggot”, etc. This model is modeling as who he is, not in makeup or fancy clothes. It kinda gives me a “confidence booster” on how I look at myself. I look at these photos and say “hey, if he can look great and confident in his own skin, then why can’t I?” Plus, I’m a guy, and most of the albino models I found online were female. :(
    I know this blog post was written about a year ago, but…
    Thank you for sharing these pictures. It really changes my perspective on life.
    (P.S, if anybody knows who the model is in this series, please leave a comment. It would be much appreciated :) )

    • Nui
      | Reply

      Hi PT,
      thank you for sharing your experience. Beauty is a subject that has changed over centuries and it will continue to change for as long as humans live. It’s not only influenced by the media, it’s developed by the media. We recognize something or somebody as beautiful, because we have learnt it from what we see in magazines, newspapers, movies etc. But there is a new wave of beauty that is now on the run. Whilst a flawless body and an immaculate face has been considered as what we define as beauty today, imperfection now overtakes old-established ideals. Real beauty lies in imperfection and media finally starts promoting what’s really important. Be confident and happy with how you look like and everybody will recognize how beautiful you are. I’ve done a little research for you: the model’s name is Kriss Balch if you haven’t figured out yet. Get yourself out there PT and have a great 2016 :-)

    • Rhyanna
      | Reply

      Wow, I’m so sorry such awful things happen to you. I’m amazed by your confidence though. I am not albino but I extremely admire people with albinism. If I’m being honest I actually have a bit of an obsession with it, I just think it looks so stunning. But more importantly, I’m so sorry those things happened to you but like I said I am amazed by your confidence and I’m sure you’ll become someone that does amazing things. Also!! Thank you Nui, because you’re so right about what you said. Also, thanks for giving the models name. I kept looking and couldn’t find it!!!

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