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Ben Heine

Self-taught multidisciplinary artist Ben Heine started to draw as early as the age of 11 and quickly identified the power of graphic art as a communication tool and way of expression. Ever since he has followed his passion for art and photography, having obtained a diploma in Journalism and studying History of Art, Painting and Sculpture. He is inspired by a number of art movements including Surrealism, Pop Art, Geometric Abstraction, Expressionism and Social Realism, which is well reflected in his creative works. Heine is best known for his series “Pencil Vs Camera”, which originated from his dissatisfaction of having to choose either drawing or photography. He hence explored a way to merge the two, creating an ever expanding number of incredible images and fantastic stories. “Pencil Vs Camera” is the artist’s special trademark and one of the most creative art concepts of the 21st century, having influenced a big number of other creators. To see more of his images visit
Ben Heine
Who has been the biggest influence on your way of thinking?
My parents and family have helped me a lot. Some teachers have also helped me believe in my art skills. That’s it.
How would you describe yourselve in one sentence?
I’m a determined hard working and creative independent artist.
How did your art career start? 
I initially admired the life and achievements of artists such as Pollock, Dali, Magritte and many others. I wanted to have a similar life. I started doing small things, I learned and progressed slowly.
What was your favourite project and why?
My favorite project is always the latest stuff I’m working on. I forget quickly all my past works.
Ben Heine
Quotes and Wisdoms
How do you define creativity?
Creativity is something new and innovative that gives inspiration and stimulation to the people discovering it.
Do you have a favourite quote that describes what you truly believe in? 
Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall (Confucius).
What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced during your career as an artist?
Starting music has been the most difficult challenge so far.
If you had one advice for someone seeking to live a creative life, what would you tell him?
I’d say believe in your skills and try to find another “normal” job that will help you make a living because even if you’re a famous artist, it will be hard to become rich. The society we live in barely support creative minds. Some people will always steal the best ideas. The most difficult for an artist is to forgive these people, keep loving life and keep doing good works. It’s hard but possible.
Is there anything for which you would be ready to give up your passion for art?
Great question. I spent 10 minutes trying to find one reason. The first things that came to me were true love, family or endless travels. I don’t see anything else right now…
Ben Heine
Ben Heine
Ben Heine
Ben Heine
Ben Heine
Ben Heine
Ben Heine
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