Miron Zownir The Impoverished and Social Outcasts
28. January 2016

While mainstream photography feeds the advertising business with images full of glossy and glam, Miron Zownir prefers to hunt down … Read More

Stelios Mousarris Carpet Chair
27. January 2016

All images © Stelios Moussaris Ever wanted to have Alladin’s magical carpet for yourself? Well this one doesn’t fly, but it … Read More

Junior Luz Cara Comida
27. January 2016

Brazilian based photographer Jr Luz started photography just five years ago during his stay in the UK. Since then he … Read More

Flora Borsi Animeyed
22. January 2016

It’s been a year ago since we’ve featured Flora Borsi and her works on “The Real Life Models“. In her … Read More

Nikolas G. Studio Scrap Stool
22. January 2016

All images © Nikolas Gregory Studio Witnessing the problem of overwhelming waste found during almost any manufacturing process, New York-based art … Read More

Plus200 Candle: Under the Chimney
22. January 2016

All images © plus200 Swungdash is a living goods brand created by South Korean Design Group plus200 that aims to … Read More

Jessica Dance Knitted Food
21. January 2016

Art Director, Model Maker and Prop Stylist Jessica Dance specializes in creating handcrafted models, props and sets. By bringing her … Read More

Chris Campbell Shoebakery
21. January 2016

Designer Chris Campbell creates amazing shoes that appear like mouthwatering cakes with chocolate, cherries, buttercream and any other delicious sweet … Read More

Mattia Crepaldi Dark Portraits of Tattooed Models
21. January 2016

Italian photographer Mattia Crepaldi graduated from the Istituto Italiano di Fotografie in Milan, Italy and has developed a strong passion … Read More

Evelyn Bencicova Ecce Homo
14. January 2016

 Natalia Evelyn Bencicova (4.12.1992) is a young visual creative working in the field of digital photography. Growing up in Bratislava, … Read More

H.R. Giger Bar Switzerland
13. January 2016

I guess everyone remembers Ridley Scott’s 1979 science-fiction horror film “Alien” with Sigourney Weaver, in which kreepy extraterrestrial creatures stalk … Read More

Nasim Sehat Biz Eyes - 3D Printed Eyewear
12. January 2016

Shanghai based architect and designer Nasim Sehat created Biz Eyes, which is a collection of 3D printed eyewear that allows … Read More

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