Nobumichi Asai Projection Mapping
3. January 2015

Nobumichi Asai is a projection mapping producer and technical director who mixes his science background and artistic skills to create … Read More

Brian Dettmer Book Sculpture
2. January 2015

Brian Dettmer is a New York-based artist known for his detailed and innovative sculptures with books and other forms of … Read More

Shawn Barber Tattoo Portraits
19. December 2014

Los Angeles based painter and tattooist Shawn Barber extensively paints, portrays and documents contemporary tattoo culture. Shawn earned his B.F.A from … Read More

Ramon Bruin Optical Illusion
10. December 2014

Netherlands based Ramon Bruin is well-known for his famous “Optical Illusionism” and “Multilayered Illusion” images, which are graphite pencil drawings … Read More

Laura Eddy Charcoal and Graphite
6. December 2014

Australian-based web developer and graphic designer Laura Eddy is a creative and talented young lady who follows her passion of … Read More

Kyle Bean Wood Portraits
3. December 2014

Kyle Bean is an illustrator, art director and maker. He creates playful, concept-driven works for a variety of clients that … Read More

Alex Chinneck Sliding House Project
2. December 2014

“From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes” is a stunning £100,000 project by british artist … Read More

Alexi Torres Oil Paintings
2. December 2014

Alexi Torres is an artist from Cuba, known for his oil paintings that are drawn to appear as if they … Read More

Katwise Psychedelic House
1. December 2014

American artist Kat O’Sullivan purchased a run-down 1840s residence in upstate New York, reconstructing the entire establishment into a whimsical … Read More

Calum Colvin Photography Meets Painting
27. November 2014

Born in Glasgow in 1961, Calum Colvin was a winner of one of the first SAC Creative Scotland Awards and … Read More

Mike Alcantara Comic Book Collages
24. November 2014

Austin based artist Mike Alcantara is a Video System Engineer for Honeywell, creating stunning comic collages with old, tattered comics … Read More

Zeren Badar Accident Series
23. November 2014

New York based and self-taught photographer Zeren Badar originated from Turkey and is hugely influenced by dadaism and neo-dadaism. Following … Read More

Saint Hoax Happy Never After
21. November 2014

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist, satirist and sociopolitical activist. An embedded infatuation with pop culture and politics drove … Read More

Liu Bolin The Invisible Man
19. November 2014

Beijing-based camouflage artist Liu Bolin graduated with a bachelor degree from the Art Department of Shandong Arts Institute and holds … Read More

Jaya Nicely Colorful Illustrations
19. November 2014

Jaya Nicely is a Los Angeles based illustrator and designer focusing on people and counterculture. In search for new and fresh … Read More

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