Holly Silius Special Effects Makeup
4. September 2015

With a background in Fine Art and graduating in 2006 with a degree in Special Effects Makeup from the London … Read More

Flore Maquin Movie Poster
3. September 2015

French graphic designer Flore Maquin has recreated digital movie posters of a number of Hollywood films and TV series. Each … Read More

Alana Dee Haynes Art and Fashion Illustrations
15. August 2015

Alana Dee Haynes is a mixed media artist, illustrator, and designer. She see’s patterns and faces in everything, and through … Read More

Alyssa Monks Hyper-Realistic Painting
12. August 2015

Alyssa Monks earned her B.A. from Boston College and she studied painting at Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence. She went … Read More

Marco Battaglini ARTPOPCLASSIC
6. August 2015

Without a doubt, the work of Marco Battaglini (Verona, Italy, 1969) echoes the anxiety inherent in Western society during the … Read More

Salavat Fidai Pencil Lead Sculptures
27. July 2015

Ex-Lawyer Salavat Fidai is a Russian artist based in Ufa, near the Ural Mountains. With a steady hand and an … Read More

Scott Scheidly The Pinks
24. July 2015

Scott Scheidly is an artist living and working in Orlando, Florida. On his website, Scheidly explains how his first art … Read More

Steven Spazuk Fire Paintings
23. July 2015

Over the past 14 years, French-Canadian artist Steven Spazuk has perfected a technique called fumage that allows him to use the … Read More

Marta Grossi The Banana Graffiti Project
21. July 2015

Italian born and Hong-Kong based art director Marta Grossi created a series of edible banana graffiti, transforming the exterior skin … Read More

Junior Fritz Jacquet Toilet Paper Roll Sculptures
15. July 2015

Junior Fritz Jacquet is a french paper artist probably most famous for his sculptures made of toilet paper rolls. Inspired … Read More

Amit Shimoni HIPSTORY - 4th of July
7. July 2015

Back in February we featured Amit Shimoni’s images of modern history’s great leaders fashioned up into contemporary time and culture. His portrait … Read More

1010 Graffiti Art
12. June 2015

With a fascinating sense of depth perception, German based polish street artist 1010 brings a contradicting depth to the flat … Read More

Francesco Albano Grotesque Body Sculptures
11. June 2015

Francesco Albano graduated from Fine Art University of Carrara in 2000 and won the National Prize of Arts – MIUR … Read More

April Dauscha Examination of Conscience
9. June 2015

Artist Statement I use the body to investigate the ideas of morality, mourning, mortification and most recently of motherhood. I … Read More

Monica Lee Photo-Realistic Graphite Drawings
1. June 2015

Malaysian artist Monica Lee creates amazingly photo-realistic images with graphite pencils. Obsessed with details, she spends around 3-4 weeks to … Read More

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